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8.20.03: Kalibas is splitting up. We should have cd's of a just recorded ep with 5 new songs. Shirts are available HERE No one is sure what is happening except that I am going to Oakland, CA to join a sleeping irony. I know that jody will be starting another band at some point so contact him if you know any drummers/singers. I just started work on a newer site on a different server and for some reason I might actually finish it....


5.26.03 The Kalibas/Rune split cd is available... buy them from us on tour we will also accept gas and food as a trade for merch.... we are going through some changes. mainly do to agreed and unagreed circumstances we no longer have aaron, eric, and paul. jody and i have been practicing for sometime now (maybe 6 weeks) with drummer kurt lancaster, and recently accuired guitarist matt whatever his name is. kurt has played with VII tounges of god and not much else. matt played with strangle fuck , and is a jazz and classical guitar graduate from ithaca. we're all currently writing to record a 5 song ep titled "Enthusiastic Corruption Of The Common Good" for a hopeful mid august release on willowtip

7.09.02...The new full length, titled Product Of Hard Living, on
Records will be available in stores on August the meantime you
canmailorder from Willowtip Records, directly from us or pick it up from us
while we are on tour with Harakiri and Commit Suicide, which starts next mp3s will be available soon